Cloudy Day in Central Park in Photos

On my last day visiting New York City, I made a mad dash to fit in as many sights and sounds of Manhattan as I could, in a single afternoon. It became clear to me, that marching all around the island wasn’t a possibility, unless I wanted to have a completely superficial encounter with the place. Instead, I decided that I would spend a few hours walking around part of Central Park, and only after go around some other spots in Manhattan; squeezing in as much as I could. While there, I pulled out my phone and GoPro, to snap photos and video respectively. Below are the raw pictures I took, during my walk, on this fairly ugly day outside.



I really liked the way that the buildings, appeared to come up from the trees, from my vantage point. Though, I’m still not a fan of the gray sky.



One of the many bodies of water in Central Park. This one is Belvedere Castle, near mid-park.

Under renovation, but it still looks cool.

One of my favorite aspects about Central Park is all of the great stone bridges.

More reservoirs, more water. If I would’ve had more time on my hands, I probably would’ve taken a seat and just enjoyed the scene.

The Falconer statue, in the south end of the park. The statue itself is interesting, but where it was placed, is the best part.

Manhattan skyline peaking just outside of the park boundary.

The Bethesda Fountain is beautiful. My favorite piece of art, from the parts of Central Park that I got to see. Commissioned to celebrate when the city first got a workable fresh water system.

The terrace by Bethesda Fountain.

Minton Tile Ceiling at Bethesda Terrace. Another great looking piece of architecture.




A meadow into the city.

Balto. Ball toes.

A parting shot, before leaving to explore more of Manhattan.

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