Vdara Las Vegas Panoramic Suite Tour and Review

So, I wasn’t planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas. The trip just sort of came together last minute, after I scored a nice flight deal there using Frontier Airlines and another flight back using Southwest (which never took place and was cancelled twice making my stay in Vegas even longer). I ultimately stayed in four separate hotels during this trip and the best (and highest priced) of them all was the Panoramic Suite in Vdara. I booked this room using Chase Ultimate Rewards and ended up getting a room on the 5th floor. I really wish I had just booked through the hotel and made sure to get an upper level floor for the better views, but alas, I live with so many regrets in life.



I don’t really know how much of a ‘review’ I need to do on this suite. I think most people can just watch my tour video embedded above and draw their own conclusions about how nice or shabby they think a stay there might be. In any case, I booked the room for two nights but arrived at the hotel at around 11 PM on the first. I made sure to email the staff beforehand, if my flight just so happened to be delayed, and I was going to have a super late check-in. That didn’t happen but they got back to me in a decent amount of time and said that they’d notified the front desk of my late arrival. Note: if you need a quick answer, I’d call them on the phone. Emails can take 1-2 days to receive a reply, mine took less but that’s because they weren’t overly busy during my stay.

Since my stay was so short here, I really didn’t spend to much time in the room itself. Sure, I spent enough time to sleep but I was out and about during the daytime, and caught the Cirque de Soleil Love show on the second night. Every thing was clean and comfortable. I really have no complaints in that department.

Vdara is actually a rather small hotel by Vegas standards. It isn’t a sprawling resort property but is connected with Aria and the rest of City Center (I think it’s still called that). So, if you’re looking for a lot of shopping experiences here, you won’t find it within the hotel. Luckily, the high end shopping at The Shops at Crystals, is a short walk from where you’ll stay at Vdara.

Obviously, my favorite part of the room and the major selling point was the panoramic view. It’s fantastic, even on the 5th floor, and makes an already spacious suite seem even more immense. Compared to the average room on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s a palace. I ended up doing one night in a standard room at Treasure Island, when my flight got cancelled, and the difference is unreal. Granted, one is a suite and the other is not, but I also stayed in a Luxor Suite and the Vdara Panoramic Suite blows it out of the water. Take a look at the difference between a standard Vegas room and the Vdara one shown above:

What’s actually kind of funny is that the price to stay in the Panoramic Suite wasn’t insane, even when compared to a standard room. With fees and taxes, I think the suite ran about $480 total for two nights, which I offset about $105 of by using the rest of my Chase points. The Treasure Island room for one night? Came to around $150. Sure, different circumstances, having to book at TI while at the airport on the same night but for what you get, the Vdara suite is entirely reasonable (the rate you’ll pay obviously fluctuates and I booked on the lower end of the spectrum).

As you can see from my video, the shades on the windows are electric, and switches for each are spaced across the suite itself. I don’t think there was a master switch to shut or open all of them at the same time but it could be that I’m just an idiot who didn’t see it or didn’t bother looking any further into it. There’s a really high chance of the latter being the case. The view from the 5th floor is that of the car loop in front of Vdara and Aria, on the left side you get the monorail and your limited view of the strip (Planet Hollywood and one of those cool video advertisements screens), and then towards the right you get a roofing area and a look at the pool. I never visited the Vdara pool during my stay, so I can’t comment on it.

Another few pluses about the suite was the bathroom and how quiet it was. I had another large party of young people across the hall but I never felt bothered. The bathroom itself is a great fucking layout. Separate shower and bath and the bath of course has a solid window view. I wonder on the higher floors if you get a mountain view from the tub or a look at another strip property.

Anyways, as I wrote, I really didn’t have much of a review to post. I will say that this is the nicest room that I’ve stayed in so far at a hotel property. No, it’s not a penthouse or an expensive bungalow on the Strip but I’m not sure that it can be beaten for the price range. It’s a fantastic stay, in my opinion.

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