Town and Country Exhibit at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art Review

One of the things that I enjoy doing while visiting different cities is paying a visit to a local art museum. In Las Vegas, the town of endless gambling, drinking, and general merriment this can seem like an odd way to spend one’s time. Well, as I’ve established, I like looking at paintings for some reason. As such, when I found out that the Bellagio has a gallery of fine art and that there was a current exhibition of: Town and Country: From Degas to Picasso, I pretty much had to put it on my list of things to see…even though I completely winged the rest of the trip. Yes, not only was there art to be seen but some of the premier names of 19th and 20th century European and American painting had works displayed. This is a very brief review of my time there and no I didn’t take any pictures of the gallery.


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I don’t remember which entrance to the hotel I used but it was somewhere adjacent to the gaming floor. It was also not anywhere close to the Gallery of Fine Art, which sent me on a mission to find it and a rather lengthy mission it was. It was actually a nice break from walking the strip in the morning and chilling by one of the Caesar’s Palace pools in the midday sun.

I find the gallery and pay $17 as an entrance fee. Tip: definitely get the free audio player. Many of the works have audio commentary provided by the museum curator and there is a certain flow that each successive piece has. It was well worth getting the commentary which provided background about the time period the painting represented, the artist, and other background info that helped to tie the theme all together.

This exhibit presents works of art that show the changes to everyday life in the cities and on the countryside during the Industrial Revolution and beyond. It was fascinating to see how the art work evolved as well as the expansion of both industry and even leisure activities for some classes of people who lived during this period.

The gallery itself isn’t huge, consisting of two, fairly spacious rooms. However, it isn’t some great big museum that you can get lost in. It does lend itself very well to an exhibit such as this, though. I think there were only 10-15 people max touring the gallery when I was at the start and by the time I was about to leave I was one of about five left.

The exhibit probably had around 30-35 pieces give or take. The Picasso was a fairly early work and kind of small. However, I did enjoy the Toulouse-Lautrec paintings, a Monet, a Van Gogh, and another large work (can’t recall the artist) which was towards the end and simply beautiful.

If you’re heading to Las Vegas and want a change of pace, I would recommend making a stop by the Bellagio and checking out this gallery. It runs through February 2017 and presents a great little history lesson as well as some fine art gawking opportunities.


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