Caesar’s Las Vegas Palace Tower Room Review

When I finally arrived at Caesar’s Palace and got off of the shuttle bus which brought me from the airport, I was completely overwhelmed by what was going on around me. The throngs of people, my dead legs from cramped seating on the flight, and having no clue as to the layout of the city or hotel for that matter. It took me at least 30-40 minutes to actually find where my room was…I could’ve sworn my reservation was for a room in the Forum Tower while it was actually in the Palace Tower, which I was almost convinced did not exist.

Caesar's Palace Lobby Las Vegas

Seriously, I ran around forever trying to find this damn tower. Turns out, that it is located right by the pool area (which is nice). The easiest way that I found to get back to the Palace Tower is by cutting through the Appian Way Shops, from the casino area that is near the Forum Shops.  From the lobby, I would cut through the front casino, stick to the left hand side, cut through some slots until I found my way. Convoluted, I know.

Room and View

My room was on the 9th floor of the Palace Tower. It was a standard room with a king bed. One important note, is that everything was clean and completely ready when I arrived to my accommodations. The cleaning staff came through everyday and took care of it all. I had not one issue with my room nor the staff while staying at Caesar’s Palace, which is great, when you don’t want to deal with any BS on your vacation.

You can see a bit of the room...this is what I want to deal with on vacation.
You can see a bit of the room…this is what I want to deal with on vacation.

As you can see from the picture above, in front of the bed, I had a flat screen TV with a dresser and stock mini bar. Also, a fairly large desk that I worked a bit from during my stay. As a side note, the Numb bar, inside Caesar’s is pretty great for getting frozen alcoholic beverages. Like everything in Vegas, it costs (like $20 or so I think) but the drink is strong and you can get a discount on the next one, if you bring back your cup to refill. The Spanish Steps bar, which is outside of the hotel but on the property, had one of the best drinks ever…Cherry Limeade. That one drink got me solidly buzzed for hours. Highly recommended.

Anyways, directly outside my window, I was facing the Mirage. Down below was a roof and a parking deck. My room wasn’t directly facing the strip but I could see it and the volcano at the Mirage during one of the night shows. So, the view was definitely not a selling point of the room BUT it wasn’t terrible either. I liked that I could see some of the rest of the city and the desert landscape with mountains off in the distance.If you want to be able to look out directly down onto the Strip, you’ll probably want to stay in a different area of the hotel.

There is also a nice chair in the room, complete with foot rest, that I sat in a few times.


I'm a top notch photog...
I’m a top notch photog…

The above, blurry GoPro shot is of one of the mosaics above the tub. Off to the side is a sink area with two faucets and off screen is the toilet within a closet like space and a very nice stand up shower. The shower itself tended to flood a little bit if I stayed in there for more than a few minutes, so throw a towel down. I did utilize the tub, which is big enough to fit two people comfortable. However, since I’m a loser, I was in there alone :(.

One negative about the tub is that it takes forever to fill. It has jets, but, in order for them to work, the water level has to reach a certain point…a point that takes a legit 30+ minutes to do.

Ze Bed

The king size bed was actually really comfortable. I personally didn’t like the pillows, as I felt they were too stiff and not malleable enough for creating better support, but I slept extremely well during this entire trip. Maybe it was all of the walking, though, the bed didn’t detract from my comfort very much.

I make no claims to its usefulness for bedroom gymnastics. Again, I’m a loser, but it is roomy and a good sleep.


Mini Bar

Shit’s expensive. Yes, I bought two Rockstar Energy Drinks for $7 each. And yes, I regret that. If you are absolutely dying of thirst and didn’t buy bottled water at the CVS (head towards the Paris Hotel and there’s one right before you get there), then do not buy it from your mini bar. That bottled water is also like $7 a piece. However, if you go down the hall to where the ice machine is, the bottled water is $3 a piece. Still, a rip off but much less of one.

I didn’t order any room service, so I cannot comment on how that food is.


Overall Room Rating

For a standard room, it was quite nice. The Palace Tower is one of the older towers and it hasn’t undergone the same renovation as some of the other one’s on the Caesar’s Palace property. However, my room wasn’t run down and really didn’t feel ‘old’ at all. Sure, there are nicer rooms on the Strip but as far as standard rooms go, I was satisfied with my stay.

If you want to stay near center Strip and don’t want to spend insane amounts of money, you can probably swing a room in the Palace Tower for pretty cheap, like I did. My hotel and flight combined were under $800 for four nights. It wasn’t a top of the line suite or anything but I never felt like I was getting less than I paid for either.

Caesar's Strip Las Vegas Night

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