Caesar’s Palace Garden of the Gods Pool

To me, one of the best features of the Caesar’s Palace property, was the complex of pools on site. These ‘Garden of the Gods’ pools were diverse and also very structurally beautiful. I have always been interested in Roman history, TV shows, and the aesthetic of ancient architecture. Caesar’s of course, does a heck of a job replicating the overall look of ancient Rome while featuring all the modern amenities, one would expect from a Las Vegas resort. I wanted to share some of the snapshots that I took of the pool area during my visit. I also have video but I’ll have to edit that and put it up sometime in the future…you know, when I get around to actually feeling like doing video editing.



caesars las vegas

The entrance door that leads to the pool area. Staying in the Palace Tower, this was right off of the elevator bank, which was great to have easy access. I love the attention to detail of the building.


Garden of the Gods Vegas

The statues and the scenery are phenomenal. The palm trees overlooking the Temple Pool and even the Snackus Maximus is in the background.

Temple Pool Caesar's

A better look at the Temple Pool. I think the main statue is of Caesar Augustus, who you can see peaking out a bit in that pure golden color.

Caesar statue Temple Pool



Temple Pool Caesar's

The centerpiece and probably the most famous aspect of the Garden of the Gods is the Temple Pool. Fantastic Roman columns surround the perimeter of the pool while fountains and an amazing looking statue occupy the middle. The only thing that I didn’t like was how it was completely cast in shadow, each time I went out there. The pool itself is heated and pretty great but when exiting the pool, it was absolutely freezing. Temperature in the sun was somewhere in the low 80s.

Neptune Pool

The Neptune Pool looks amazing. Straight ahead and past those lounge chairs is a swim up bar where I believe they have Blackjack tables.


Apollo Pool Vegas


Lounge Apollo Pool Vegas

I think that this is the Apollo Pool. It is a smaller pool but has lots of sun exposure and lounge chairs. This was where most people were hanging out that day. Early October was pretty slow for Las Vegas and the crowds really weren’t bad at all.

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