The Florida Aquarium in Tampa Walk Through Video

I published a walk through video of my trip to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa on my YouTube channel (Scroll down for the embedded video on this page). This one was kind of a pain in the ass to edit due to Premiere Pro and my crummy laptop not getting along. Plus, the red screen blips that Premiere decided to sprinkle in the video. Upon second upload, I managed to get most of it out, save for a few minutes in the middle of the clip. It took 17 hours to export and then upload to YouTube in 1080p, the first time I tried. Then, had to redo it, because of the malfunctioning. Wasn’t quite as long the second time, but I finally got it done, and really do need to get a second laptop for editing purposes…


Anyways, it ended up being over 22 minutes long and a really good way for me to get familiar with using my new GoPro Karma Grip, which finally gets me a stabilized picture for at least a few hours of use.

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