Exploring the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas


One of my favorite properties on the Las Vegas Strip to explore was The Venetian. As an outsider and not a guest of the hotel, the architecture and attention to detail in recreating Venice in the desert was really cool. I swung by here twice during my stay just to record and snap photos. I also ate here, in the Grand Canal Shoppes, as they had some pretty cheap eating options (by Vegas standards), even if the restaurants in the food court were exactly what you’d find in a a mall food court. Anyways, here are some of the photos I took with my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and my iPhone 5c, while stomping around the place.


Overlooking the Strip and Mirage

This was taken from an exterior walkway going in between the shops and the hotel. The weather was absolutely perfect and made everything so bright. The blues popped.


Canal Shops at The Venetian

A look at the little town square and some of the shops. They have the same type of sky in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s except that is purple instead of sky blue.

Gondola Las Vegas

Oh, yeah…there are gondola’s complete with annoying singing!

Venice in Vegas

The atmosphere here is just really great.

Grand Canal Shoppes

Venetian canal and bridge

Las Vegas Canals



dome in Venetian


Ceiling fresco The Venetian

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