Denver Botanic Gardens: My Favorite City Spot

I think the majority of my motivation for heading to Denver on a short 2.5 day stay, had to do with my plan to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. I booked a tour to be taken in, since I didn’t rent a car, and then promptly didn’t get up in the morning to catch the bus. Per usual with me and my poor sleeping habits while on the road. As such, I had to then shift my plans somewhat and find things to do within the city limits. One of these activities was a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens, which quickly became my favorite spot while visiting. The place is utterly gorgeous, with an array of plant life, that is often sculpted or designed in an aesthetically amazing way. Plus, the fact that it was a clear July day, helped to create the perfect setting of blue skies and green earth. This post is of the photos that I took with my iPhone while at the Botanic Gardens. Click on any image to enlarge it from its placed size setting.


Denver Botanic


greenhouse denver




colorado botanic








denver attractions


denver fountain botanic


colorado garden




fountain statue










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