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It appears that I haven’t been spending much time on the travel aspect of this travel blog, lately. That would make sense, if I hadn’t been traveling anywhere recently, but I actually went multiple places in the western United States over the summer. It’d probably be a grand idea if I mentioned that on here or posted pictures, videos, text, or something…but alas, I have failed. Anyway, I’m going to rectify the situation and post a bunch of the photos and videos and travel related stuff here that’s been on my Instagram…plus some things that haven’t. Let’s start with my journey to Phoenix, which was the second one on the three stop tour of the southwest.


My first stop on this trip was actually Las Vegas, which I’ve now been to seemingly 80 times. I’m not even sure I’ll bother to do a post on that stop. Anyway, I never planned on going to Phoenix or any stop out west. I was also considering flying into Jackson Hole to visit the Wyoming national parks, but the lodging options on such a short-term notice were insanely expensive.

So, I ended up in Phoenix somehow, and nearly immediately after plopping my things down in the hotel, I headed to the Desert Botanical Gardens. I’d never got to see a giant cactus in person but you bet your ass, I’d seen plenty within the hour.

Seeing as it was August and I decided to make a stop in Phoenix, Arizona…it was hot as hell outside. Walking through the gardens, in the afternoon sun was pretty brutal indeed. Oh well, I pretty much had the place to myself beyond a few fellow psychotics.


One mistake I made by not planning this little two or three day side tour to Phoenix, was that I didn’t rent a car. That’s okay, I’d just take a Lyft everywhere. I had exactly two competent drivers the entire time. The others I had to try and tell them where to go, in a city I’d never been to, while trying to figure out where we were on my phone’s map with fairly spotty cell service.

Look at dat dere cactus, son.

The next day I went to the Phoenix Art Museum. This is the parking lot. I took a picture of this for some reason. I think I liked the palms.

Another cactus, you will find that these pictures may not be in a coherent order, much like the trip itself.


The art museum was actually really nice. There was a whole lot of stuff to see and gawk at, like this statue.


Flowers using portrait mode on my iPhone.


A small selection from the European art galleries.


This had to be my favorite painting in the place. Just a gladiator wrecking shop.

That night I went to a baseball game featuring the Diamondbacks versus Seattle.

Chase Field is a great ballpark.

Honestly, for some fairly cheap outfield seats, the view was better than I expected.


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