Citi American Airlines Platinum Select 60,000 Miles Bonus Received

So, this is the fourth credit card sign up bonus that I’ve unlocked in the past two years. I received my 60,000 mile sign up bonus from the Citi American Airlines Platinum select card in about six weeks of use. I just pile all of my holiday shopping, rent, food, travel, etc. on to this credit card and the points deposited as soon as my next statement was available online. Pretty sweet, right? But what can I use these miles for? Is it even worth it still with the past AA miles downgrades?

Is this worth signing up for?

There really hasn’t been any incredible sign up offers that I’ve seen of late. Supposedly, American Express’ Platinum Card has a 100,000 point sign up bonus floating around after $5000 spending within three months but the best that I’ve gotten out of them was 65,000 and most of the time a 25,000 bonus point offer. Not worth it. Especially considering that I got the 50,000 Membership Rewards bonus from them with the Premier Rewards Gold Card, about two years ago.

That being the case, the Citi/American Airlines offer, seemed both really easy to get and surprisingly useful, at least for me. I can fly round trip to Hawaii in Business class using 40,000 of these miles. Or round trip in Economy Saver to Japan or one way to Tokyo, using 60K miles.

Pretty sweet. It was really easy for me to get to $3000 in spending within three months, and indeed much quicker than that at the end of the year.

Yeah, I get that these points aren’t as valuable as they once were, but the fact that I can get these points at all is alright by me. There are plenty of OneWorld partners and availability for when I want to fly. It might not apply to everybody but it suits me just fine.

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