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It was time for me to find a new credit card sign up bonus, as I plan on closing my Capital One Venture Card account as soon as I pay off my bill for the next cycle. My 40,000 bonus miles eventually ballooned into over 60,000 which I used to fund my flight and hotel for the Vegas trip. It was a great experience for me using the Venture Card, since it was so simple to redeem the miles and I didn’t have to worry about blackout dates, etc. However, I’m not a big spender at all, so, it’s kind of useless to me after the bonus points and having to pay the yearly fee. Just a muthafucka who has good credit and enjoys bonus points, I suppose…With that in mind, I decided that I’d apply for the recently released Chase Sapphire Reserve card, which features a 100,000 point sign up bonus after $4,000 in spending within 3 months.


That 100000 points is worth $1500 in travel when using the Chase Rewards portal. Outstanding. Combine that with my Amex bonus points and I have lots of trips to plan over the next 6 months. Now, there is a $450 yearly fee for holding this card but with the $300 yearly travel credit to help offset it…that kind of brings it down to $150, which ain’t too bad of a deal. I’ve already used $74.13 on two checked bags with United and two Lyft rides but both took place within December, so I’m not sure if that was counted as part of 2016 or fully a part of my 2017 travel credit. I’m just going to assume that it’s the latter and perhaps I’ll be surprised later on.

I definitely should’ve moved my ass and signed up for this a few months earlier to fully take advantage of the end of the calendar year and gotten $600 worth of travel credit to offset the $450 membership fee. However, if I managed to squeeze out $74.13 within a few days of receiving that, I’m quite happy.


chase reserve offer


As I said, I’m not a big spender and I live a really cheap lifestyle. I’d rather save, invest, travel, and have more spare time than have some big blown out ‘high life’. I like luxury, I just don’t really want to pay for it, and like redeeming bonuses to take care of that end. This also means, that $4000 in spending is outside of what I usually spend for 3 months of life (no wife or children, ftw!), so I’m having to front load things that I know I’ll have to pay for this year, in order to help meet the demands of Chase. It’s no biggie, I have the money to pay for it, but things like my rent (with a fee), textbooks, groceries, and any other major expenses are all being piled onto here for this first quarter of the year.

The card itself is actually pretty cool, metallic, and has some weight to it. Two different store employees have commented on the thing when I handed it to them. It’s not the usual cheap plastic of a lot of credit cards. It’s unique, although I do also really enjoy how my Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card looks as well. Centurion is a beast logo.

Aside from the benefits that I’ve mentioned so far, there is also great transfer possibilities to airline and hotel loyalty programs, to help scare up some more value out of 100,000 points. There’s also airline lounge access, which I guess I’ll have to look into since I’m still pretty new to this travel thing, and rarely even think to go to these places…even if I’ve had access with my various cards.

The approval process literally took as long as it took me to fill out my information plus 30 seconds for an automated decision to come across my screen. Instant approval, essentially. Plus, the card was shipped Next Day Air via UPS, so it arrived at my door on a Saturday…I applied late Thursday evening. Cool, same thing happened with American Express, so while it isn’t unprecedented, I do enjoy receiving the card that quickly.

chase sapphire reserve 100000 review

I still need to dig deeper as to how much travel I can squeeze out of this 100,000 point bonus and you know, finish hitting the spending requirement over the next few months. However, I am quite excited at the redemption potential of this card, as well as what’s left of my American Express Membership Rewards points after my latest purchaseBig things may be on the horizon, I just gotta figure out which way to travel towards it.

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