GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth vs. Karma Grip

So, I bought the latest GoPro camera release, the Hero 7 Black. This is an upgrade from my now seemingly ancient Hero 4 Silver. The new one can film 4K at 60 frames per second, while the old could only manage 15fps. One aspect of the 7 Black that I was particularly excited about was the Hypersmooth feature, which looked to produced great digital stabilization. Sure, I already had the Karma Grip to serve as a gimbal, but it has some issues (notably the buzzing sound it produces that gets picked up on recordings).

As such, if the new GoPro not only produces a higher quality output, but also can steady shots while I’m walking, without the use of the Karma Grip…that’s a great upgrade in my mind. Not to mention, all of the other features that I still need to explore. Anyway, I created a test video, using a split screen to compare how Hypersmooth looks with the Hero 7 Black versus how the Karma Grip looks while using the Hero 4 Silver.

Please watch the video below, to see how they compare. I uploaded it in 4K, so watch as high-def as your device allows to playback.


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