How Much Did My Recent Las Vegas Trip Cost?

On a whim, I decided that I’d fly out to beautiful Las Vegas and spend 3.5 days exploring the Strip upon my first visit to the city. Cool idea, since I had a pile of credit card points that were just itching to be used, and why not just go last minute to visit a […]

Things to Do in Raleigh Part 1: North Carolina Museum of Art Review

So, I like art. I don’t paint, sculpt, or draw…but I like looking at art. As a result, one of my favorite places that I have visited in Raleigh in the awesome North Carolina Museum of Art. To me and many other it seems, the NCMA is a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon […]

Capital One Venture Card 40,000 Mile Bonus Offer Review

As I have just finished writing about the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, I figured that I would also post about my experience with the Capital One Venture Card, as sort of a review on this travel rewards credit card. I signed up for it before I moved late last year and decided to […]

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