500 Error in Google Search Console for WordPress

One of the websites that I own and have been building for five years now, got absolutely smacked down by Google search. In Google Search Console (Webmasters Tools), I’m told that my web pages pretty much all have a 500 code internal server error. Que?  Imagine: having over 1100 visitors per day on your WordPress […]

The Hawaii Travel Vlog

So, I finally finished editing my first vlog for my YouTube channel. This episode deals with my trip to Hawaii and the exploration of the island of Oahu. As I wrote in my post about how to grow a successful vlog channel, I wanted to pursue this myself, and finally got around to finishing this […]

Waimea Valley Waterfall Walk in Oahu Video

Here is the full walk through video of the park at Waimea Valley in Oahu, Hawaii. The sound file got messed up because the GoPro Karma Grip adapter got damaged and started to vibrate loudly in the footage. So, I just cut the sound, and now it is simply a silent film. Yet, the park […]

Waikiki Beach Walk Around Video

Looking back, I should have walked the entire length of Waikiki Beach, down to the hotel on the far end. However, I had just check into my hotel after 14+ hours of flying and probably wasn’t in my normal waking mind. As such, this video is a walk around the Fort Derussy park area of […]

Increase Conversions with Adwords Bid Targeting by Device

Continuing my writings on making money online and using online advertising to increase retail sales, I wanted to take a look at another simple trick that I’ve used to generate more conversions. This involves targeted bidding on Google Adwords, specifically through the type of electronic device that is being used by the potential customer. Certain […]

Be Ruthless with Your Adwords Keyword Search Terms

Now that the month of March is just about over, I can begin to travel freely again. I got dismissed from jury duty a week or so ago and will be leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday. So, expect some more travel posts and YouTube videos coming up. However, I do want to continue my writings […]

YouTube Travel Vlogging: How to Grow a Channel

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about how I want to proceed with YouTube content creation as of late. With more than a few trips on the docket over the next six months, I want to take advantage of these experiences, and translate them into a vlog type format. I’ve been really looking into […]

Travel Abroad, Get Paid: Ways to Make Passive Income While Traveling

Right now, I’m champing at the bit to travel somewhere. I have over 100,000 points in AA miles and all of the cash I need to book sleeping arrangements. The problem is, I have the glorious honor of jury duty in 10 days, and so the longer trips I’ve been planning are grounded until that’s […]

Citi American Airlines Platinum Select 60,000 Miles Bonus Received

So, this is the fourth credit card sign up bonus that I’ve unlocked in the past two years. I received my 60,000 mile sign up bonus from the Citi American Airlines Platinum select card in about six weeks of use. I just pile all of my holiday shopping, rent, food, travel, etc. on to this […]

GoPro Karma Grip Review with Hero 4 Silver

Having owned the GoPro Hero 4 Silver for about two years now, I’ve managed to take plenty of shaky footage. I’ve also forgotten to record almost anything (like when I was in Barcelona and Ibiza). However, even when I’ve managed to get some shooting done atop a standard handheld mount, the footage was always sub […]

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