Steel Supplements Charged-AF Review

It’s been more than a few years since I’ve used any sort of pre-workout powder before heading to the gym. But way back then, I did try out multiple brands’ products, and none of them were ‘bad’ but they did have a varying level of effectiveness. So, when I got a free sample of Charged-AF (Candy Bliss) from Steel Supplements, I tossed it aside for a week before actually giving it a try.When I finally did, I quickly realized that it was the best pre-workout supplement that I had ever tried (no joke). So, in this post, I’m going to share my experiences with this stuff now that I have a full container and try to answer some common questions that people may have about using Charged-AF.


Initial Experience with Charged-AF

The initial time that I took Charged-AF was from a sample packet that contained one serving of the stuff. I put it in the Steel Supplements shaker bottle that they sent me as part of a promotion, and sipped it throughout the day and the next.

Now, one scoop of this stuff equals one serving (I never take that much and have no reason to), and that first time I definitely didn’t take it all at once. I’d say I drank about 1/4 of the mix, just to test out the supplement, and see if I would experience any negative effects. Nope.

What did I experience? An insane level of energy and focus. Seriously, I’ve take pre-workouts such as: Jack3d, C4, NO Explode, and another one that I can’t remember the name to…and they don’t even compare to how hard Charged-AF hits. I felt like an absolute God, on just that quarter serving.

I was still doing my work for the day, so it’d be a while before I hit the gym, but I was super focused on the job and moving at warp speed without any jitters. Later, when I actually went to the gym, my workout was fantastic and I could crank out more sets and reps without tiring. Gold.

I sipped the rest of the sample packet the next day and it was another great experience. No crash. No side effects. Just insane energy that burns clean and really sharp focus on whatever I was doing.

After this, I went online and ordered a full container of Charged, getting the Kiwi-Strawberry flavor.

Questions About Charged-AF

Costs and Serving Size

One container is $49.95 (as of writing) and contains 30 servings. One serving=one scoop.

However, I only take 1/2 a scoop at the most. Any more is just unnecessary to me. So, in reality this should last me for 60 servings, at least. Steel recommends you start with 1/4 a scoop to test your own tolerance and assess from there. Honestly, 1/4 is enough for me a lot of the time.

I’m pretty careful about how much pre-workout I take at a time. The reason I stopped taking another brand’s pre-workout years ago, was because I took a full dose, and felt like I was going to die. My hands and feet were ice cold and I had a ringing in my ears that sounded like an electric hum. Hours and hours of that. Never repeating that mistakeĀ  again.

Anyway, you probably won’t need a full scoop, so don’t and just make each purchase last longer.


How Much Caffeine is in It?

260mg per scoop according to Steel. Caffeine is only part of the picture though, so, don’t compare it to Energy Drinks or Coffee because this blows those drinks out of the water in potency.

How does it Taste?

I’ve tried the Candy Bliss flavor and Kiwi-Strawberry. Neither is amazing, but definitely passable, in my opinion. Candy Bliss was like a cotton candy flavor but not particularly sweet. Kiwi-Strawberry tastes to me like Lemon-lime Gatorade, like if you use the Gatorade powder mix, and water it down too much.

Whatever. The taste isn’t bad and not something you will have to force down.


What are the Ingredients?

Here’s a picture of the back label. Click to enlarge for the full list of ingredients.


Will Charged-AF Make You Test Positive on a Drug Test?

According to Steel, no, it won’t.


What are the Effects?

Charged-AF starts working within a few minutes for me. It offers: Increased and sustained energy. Mental focus. Smooth non-jittery energy with no crash later on. Better work capacity in the gym, mostly endurance.

me, after Charged-AF


Can you Still use other caffeine drinks while on Charged-AF?

They recommend it being 6-8 hours before using Charged, if you want to drink coffee or whatever. DON’T use it at the same time. Seriously, overdoing it with stimulants is dangerous, don’t do stupid shit like mixing this with other stimulant products.


Any Side-Effects?

I haven’t noticed anything. It does contain niacin, so that tingling skin thing happens, but that’s the only side effect per se.



Charged-AF is hands down the best pre-workout that I’ve ever used. It is the best blend of energy levels, focus, not causing jitters, and the increased endurance and work capacity. It’s amazing. Even a 1/4 or 1/2 serving of this stuff is better than what I experienced while taking a full dose of other pre-workout supplements.

I feel awesome after taking it, can get a full and focused workout in, and still fall asleep later that night. It doesn’t make me crash, just a smooth tapering off.



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