Ignite CBD Vape Pen Review

I’ve followed Dan Bilzerian on Instagram for a while now, so, I’ve obviously seen a bunch of his stuff about his Ignite company. On Black Friday, they were running a special on the CBD Oil Vape Pens, and I figured that I’d try them out. Got me with the marketing bombardment, I suppose. I purchased two of them: one of the Ignite Calm blend (bubble gum flavor) and one from the Lucid blend (blood orange flavor). Now, I’m not someone who vapes or even smokes (cigarettes or weed, but edibles, sometimes), but have been curious about CBD and its effects for a while now. So, I’m not coming at this from some high level of expertise, just as a consumer giving my honest thoughts, sensations, and running commentary on these pens.


Maybe the best way to tackle this review, is to cover some of the basic questions people have about it.


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What is CBD?

Per WikipediaCannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940 and initially thought not to be psychoactive.[1][6][7][8][9] It is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in hemp plants, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.[8]

Per Ignite: CBD is a compound that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system – a series of receptors that regulate pain, mood, the immune system, memory, stress response, and other important functions.


Does it Get You High?

No, there is no THC. As such, it doesn’t get you ‘high’ like straight marijuana does. No psychoactive effects. It does have some effects, which I’ll get into in depth, but you won’t get stoned off of it. It’s not that kind of product.


What are the Ingredients?

Hemp oil, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), and essential oils. Contains coconut.


How Fast was Shipping?

Ordered on Friday afternoon, got it on Wednesday. This was actually really good, considering it shipped all the way across the country, during the holiday season. Plus, I got email updates from Ignite, and knew exactly what was up with my order.


Is Ignite Expensive? How Much Does it Cost?

I guess that’s a relative question. Again, I’m not some vape pen expert, but from what I understand: Ignite is probably pricier than other options. These sell for $45 each (as of publishing this post) and I got mine for 30% off.

Total for me with shipping and after the discount was like $68 for two. Is that expensive? Depends on your own financial situation and how much you use it, I guess.


How Long Does Ignite’s CBD Vape Pen Last?

On the box, it says you get 150 six second puffs, which is their recommend serving size. It contains 0.5 gram of the CBD oil. I’ll take their word for it, but if it doesn’t last that long, I’ll update this post to reflect that.

For my two pens, I should get 300 six second puffs out of them. At the $68 that I paid, that rounds up to about $0.23 per serving.

Update: Both pens have indeed lasted as long as they said it would.


Are They Reusable/Refillable?

Nope. These are single use pens, that are disposable. Update: Ignite now has Rechargeable vape pens, in addition to the disposable ones. So, you can buy replacement pods of CBD, with those newer ones.


Will You Test Positive after Using?

According to Ignite’s website, there’s a chance you can test positive on a drug screening, after using Ignite. They say it’s unlikely, if this is the only hemp based product you’re using.

Sooooo…you’ll have to make that decision to use for yourself, if you get drug tested regularly.

Ignite Full User Review

With the basic questions out of the way, let’s get into how this CBD vape actually performs. I’m going to be updating this review, as I go through my supply, to note any long-term benefits or effects that I see from using this product. Update: I’ve also now reviewed the CBD Oil Drops, also.

Right off of the bat, the packaging that Ignite comes in is professionally done, and doesn’t strike me as cheap or thrown together. Each vape pen comes in its own cardboard box, and within that is a hard plastic tube, which contains the pen itself. This is the plastic tube, shown below:

The tube that contains the vape pens is actually really secure, so, damage during shipping really doesn’t seem like it’ll be a factor. In fact, opening the tube was a bit of a pain in the ass, but better that than damaged goods.

Anyway, I first wanted to test out the Calm blend of CBD oil, which I got the bubble gum flavor of. Ignite has three blends: Calm, Lucid, and Recharge. Here’s how their website describes Calm:

Provides release and relaxation in moments of stress, and takes the edge off of a chaotic day. Hit Relax. 

Sounds good. I started off with one of their recommended six second pulls and then followed that with another.

How does Ignite Taste?

The bubble gum flavor was really nice. It’s that classic Bubble Yum sort of taste, that pink bubble gum, with the powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Smooth and easy to hit. The flavoring is definitely a strong suit of Ignite.

The blood orange flavor is what is found with my Lucid blend of Ignite. I actually like this flavor a lot and wish they had it available with the Calm blend. It’s such a great and heavily flavored vapor. Doesn’t have any weird aftertaste, just juicy citrus.

Update: After using these two initial pens for a while, the Bubble Gum flavored one, lost its taste as it got closer to the end. While the Blood Orange has held up better, it tastes weaker, but it didn’t crap out like the Bubble Gum. Hemp oil tastes like shit, without that bubble gum flavoring.

What are the Effects?

Using the Calm Blend (Bubble Gum)

After about five minutes, I began to feel calm. I wasn’t feeling any anxiety or anything like that today, but it was a highly noticeable level of tranquility which came over me. It only got better, over the next hour or so, as the Ignite blend kicked in.

Obviously, you don’t get the euphoric high, that you would with marijuana. I’m not going to make the comparison with that, but I thought that I’d make the comparison with other stuff that is available in stores.

At the low end of the spectrum, you have herbal teas and drinks like Neuro Bliss Water, which produce a relaxing effect (and I enjoy these drinks). Ignite is way better, than either of these options, and it’s not even close.

Then, you have a supplement like 5-HTP, which I have had good success with in reducing my anxiety and bolstering my mood. Ignite’s calming properties also outdo this by a wide margin. Although, it is a slightly different feeling. 5-HTP relaxes me and when it works well (about half the time, in my case) gives me a more cheery vibe. It doesn’t work for everyone, however.

Ignite, on the other hand, gives me a super chill and in the moment vibe. More of a hyper relaxed state of being and meditation-like clarity/peace. While my physical levels of anxiety weren’t high today, I do experience it somewhat often, and this seems like it’s going to be perfect for dropping that down low.

I took both of those first pulls before I went to lift weights at the gym. I had a great workout, as I was focused, and still in that clear headed state. Ignite isn’t going to screw with your day to day schedule and won’t negatively impact your cognitive abilities.

I have to say, the feeling is superb. Even on just a normal day, when I wasn’t experiencing any type of physical pain or anxiety, this blend put me in a damn fine mood. Loved it.

Using the Lucid Blend (Blood Orange)

The effects of the Lucid were fairly similar to the Calm blend in many ways. However, it doesn’t reach that same level of chill as the Calm. What it does do, is it feels like there is some better level of mental clarity after a few minutes. It’s kind of difficult to explain the feeling, but it’s definitely a positive one.


Vaping Ignite for Anxiety Relief?

I’ve always had pretty high levels of anxiety throughout my life. On some occasions in the past, it has been crippling. Not to say that it reached such a level everyday of my existence, but there were times where it definitely screwed with my life.

I’ve never medicated or sought medical treatment for anxiety levels because I always felt like I could deal with it. I broke down my anxiety into two parts, thoughts and physical symptoms.

Now, I’ve learned to deal with the negative thought patterns that generate anxiety, through use of meditation and reading philosophy. This cut way back on my levels of anxiety both in thoughts and physical symptoms. While my general anxiety levels were dramatically reduced through this work, the physical symptoms still manifest themselves from time to time.

The Calm blend of Ignite (and the Lucid to some degree) has without question helped to alleviate the physical anxiety symptoms, that I do still experience. I feel so clear-headed and relaxed, after taking a few puffs, that there’s really no space to be anxious about things.

I’m not saying that this is going to eliminate other people’s severe anxiety attacks, just that it has had a noticeable effect on the symptoms that I experience.

What About CBD Vaping for Pain Management?

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people use CBD oil, for the management of chronic pain. I’m just going to say now, that I don’t have any severe injuries, that requires any medication to get through the pain. At worst, I have a bad lower back that goes out and/or gets sore a few times per month, but can work that out mostly with stretching. I’ll update this, next time my back hurts badly, to see what happens with Ignite.

I do notice that it helps with heavy workouts and the soreness of joints and muscles thereafter. I can still ‘feel’ the soreness to some extent, but it’s reduced, and it’s like I don’t even notice that it’s present after a few pulls from the Ignite vape.

I can’t say one way or another, if this will help with anyone who may be reading this review’s, individual maladies.


Other Effects

The relaxing effect of this is so perfect for me, since at night it’ll chill me out enough, to make falling asleep much easier. It doesn’t make you sleepy, rather, just puts me in such a mood that I’m not worried about anything. My mind is free of any clutter and that makes going to sleep less of a struggle.

Update: I don’t use Ignite late night anymore, as I feel like it makes me groggy when I wake up. Sure, it was easier to fall asleep for me, but I didn’t want to wake up either.



Thus far, I am really like my Ignite CBD Vape pens. I really didn’t know what to expect heading into trying them out and actually didn’t have much of a purpose beyond curiosity to do so.

I really like the feeling that I have after I use this. I’m as chill as can be without being ‘high’ or drunk. I have always had anxiety, so, maybe that’s what I use these for explicitly. Otherwise, I’m just digging the great mood that I’m in, and not having to sacrifice a clear mind to do so.

Long-term effects? We shall see. I’ll post more thoughts, as I get more familiar, with the product and see what happens. Right now, I like it a lot. It tastes good. It’s a highly pleasant experience.

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