Ignite CBD Oil Drops Review

I’ve already done a review of the Ignite CBD Vape Pens, on this site before, and so at least some of this post will be a re-hash. It’s the same product, after all, just in a different form. However, I figured that I’d share my thoughts and experiences, with the Blood Orange flavored Ignite CBD Oil and how it compares with the disposable vapes. I’ll cover some common questions about this stuff and what it’s like using Ignite’s CBD.


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Does Ignite Have THC or Nicotine?

No. CBD oil doesn’t get you high, nor does it have nicotine. It isn’t that type of product at all. I think there is confusion about this, because Ignite does have products with THC, only available for sale in certain US states where they have a dispensary.

However, the one’s you can buy online, do not have anything to get you stoned.

Does Shipping Take Long with Ignite?

No, I usually get my order in 2-3 days. I am US based customer. I’m not sure about international shipping, you’d have to check for availability.


How Much CBD Oil is in a Bottle?

The drops have 1000 mg of CBD oil per bottle. Each serving is 33 mg.

Will CBD Make you Fail a Drug Test?

According to Ignite’s website, there’s a small chance that you could in theory, but it is quite unlikely. That’s not a concern for me, but you’ll need to take that in consideration, for your own life.


Ignite CBD Oil Drops Full User Review

I purchased the blood orange flavor, as it was one that I had already tried with the vape pens, and really enjoyed. It’s a really great citrus candy-like flavor and doesn’t have any of that weird hemp oil taste, like what can happen when a vape pen’s flavor gets lost.

The dropper is really simple to use. You can apply the oil topically to your skin or just use it orally. Either way, it will absorb into the body.


How do the drops compare to the vape pens?

Well, the drops are a larger dose. So, if you’re looking for to use this stuff for joint pain and anxiety specifically, the drops will probably be a better bet. I notice much more of an effect with the drops on soreness and joint pain.

The vape pens are good to inhale and get either the calm or recharge or lucid blend’s (depending on which you buy) almost immediate effects. However, the drops give me a more sustainable and noticeable difference throughout the day.

Plus, I don’t always want to sit there and have to vape. I’d rather just take some drops and go about my day. I know some people like to replicate smoking or just have an oral fixation, but I don’t particularly need it.

The vapes are cool for when you’re just sitting around and want to relax or need a boost, but the drops are more of a proper daily use product, to get the benefits of CBD oil.


What are the Effects?

Individual results will of course vary, but for me, CBD oil makes me feel more relaxed during the day and less anxious. It’s not a high or drunk level of experience, but I feel more settled, and in the moment. I don’t really worry about anything and just go about my day, it’s sort of a leveling feeling.


What About for Pain Management?

I don’t personally have any severe chronic pain. I do have a bad lower back, that is bothersome, though not extremely painful. I re-aggravated that injury, while running recently, and taking the drops did reduce the pain I did feel while sitting. It was a useful tool to have for that injury, along with stretching every day.

For joint pain, I do get soreness from weight lifting and cardio. I’ve noticed that the CBD also helps a lot with this and it doesn’t seem to be a placebo effect, as it’s working time and time again, with either the vapes or drops.

Plus, the mood that I get in while using Ignite, is so chill that I almost don’t even pay any attention to these aches and pains when they arise.


How About for Anxiety?

This has been the most important benefit that I’ve noticed since using CBD oil. I’ve always had pretty high levels of anxiety, which I’ve managed with meditation, breathing, and philosophy readings. Those things help with the negative thought patterns, but I’d still get physical symptoms of anxiety…which CBD has dramatically reduced.

It just puts me in a chill mood, like I don’t feel burdened by any of the usual stressors, and the physical symptoms are either reduced or not there each day. I have no clue whether it’ll work for you personally, but it’s been beneficial for me.



I do enjoy using the Ignite CBD Oil Drops. I get positive benefits from it and haven’t noticed anything negative for me personally. I think the drops are the better option for me versus the vape pens and probably what I’ll go with for here on out. Unless, I decide to get an additional re-chargeable vape, to hit when I want an extra calming effect.

Until, this is enough, and something I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.


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