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My journey to Barcelona was a long and mind-bending one, which was to be expected when the round trip flight was had for a mere $297. First, a flight to Newark. Then, sitting on a plane for 6+ hours to Dublin, after a 3 hour layover. Having no idea where my free shuttle bus was upon landing, getting irritated and hailing a taxi. Followed by passing out in a Dublin hotel room for 7 more hours until getting ready for my flight to Barcelona in the afternoon. Landing in Barcelona after 10 PM, waiting forever for my luggage, and then being dropped off at my hotel in my chauffeured Mercedes-Benz (a separate car service not affiliated with the hotel)  sometime after midnight. That hotel, was The Mirror, the subject of today’s review.

I would like to share my experiences staying at this hotel, as well as, some of my usual bad photography of the room itself. What I liked and what I disliked, from memory, since I didn’t write this up two months ago.

One of my favorite things about The Mirror is its location. It’s about a 15-20 minute drive from El Prat Airport, as I recall, and placed on a fairly quiet street, Carrer de Corsega. It’s a nice little neighborhood with a mix of bars and restaurants. There are a few pharmacies within 10 minutes of walking as well.

The big selling point was its close proximity to La Rambla. I never took any public transport during my time in Barcelona. I walked everywhere, which really wasn’t a bright idea in a lot of cases, and my feet were absolutely dead and blistered. However, because of La Rambla being so close by, I could just followed that street and never be lost within the city. Wherever I was, with my trusty map, if I could find La Rambla, I’d be able to make it back to my hotel without confusion.

Oh, one street over from La  Rambla on Passeig de Gracia, there is a tourist information office. I’m pretty sure that it only took me 7-8 minutes to walk there from the hotel and the staff there was helpful and spoke English too.

Beyond that, there were some tourist attractions which weren’t too far from The Mirror, and definitely walkable for most people. I walked to Sagrada Familia and it wasn’t too bad, more than a half hour but doable. Casa Batllo is close by the on Passeig de Gracia.

A lot of other places are easily accessed by the metro stations (there are a few around the hotel) or taxis. I’d recommend doing that instead of what I did during one day in town. Walk to Sagrada Familia, to Parc de La Ciutadelladown to the far side of Port Olimpic, back over to Port Vell, and over to the cable car station at Montjuic. My god, did my feet pay the price of that plan.

the mirror barcelona

The Mirror isn’t a massive property, it is instead a boutique hotel, which is a nice change of pace. Check-in was a breeze and I quickly got up to my room on the second floor. My room was one of the Deluxe Rooms, that they offer at The Mirror. As you can see from the picture above the bed is a nice Queen size mattress (that I promptly messed up), which has more than enough space to accommodate me. Everything was actually pretty comfortable, though, I wasn’t crazy about the pillows…but I think I say that about every hotel I stay at.

Nonetheless, it was good enough to lay awake in for long hours while having my sleeping schedule completely thrown off for the first few days of the trip.


mirror decor

The decor of the room is pretty interesting. I got a 2001: Space Odyssey vibe from the white padded walls, the lighting, and this chair that was in the corner.  The lighting is controlled by buttons found on either side of the bed and have multiple settings, so that you don’t have to be in total brightness nor total darkness.


bed mirror hotel

The room comes with a 40 inch LED TV in front of the bed and then another smaller television in the bathroom. The bathroom is a separate ‘water closet’ setup, then the vanity sink is in the front hallway, and then the shower is on the other side of that. The shower was actually really great, it had multiple nozzles, settings, and the ability to set your exact temperature. The shower is nicer than some of the one’s I’ve had at more expensive hotels.


barcelona hotel

There is also a little desk area, which I used as a electronics charging station. The window is separated by that pillar but is actually one large window that overlooks the street below. I know that some of the suites have a terrace and better view of the city but the view in my room, really isn’t a selling point.

The noise from the street wasn’t bad at all. I mean, I of course heard traffic, but it wasn’t anything crazy. The noise from outside never kept me up, but a woman’s screaming orgasms from down the hall, did one night. Again, small hotel.


mirror closet

They don’t call it The Mirror for nothin’. Yes, there are mirrors upon mirrors all over the hotel.


Atempo restaurant Barcelona

I did eat at the hotel on a daily basis for breakfast and had dinner at Atempo restaurant twice during the evenings. The breakfast buffet is a much smaller affair than something like Sessions at the Hard Rock Ibiza, but that’s to be expected for a boutique hotel. Nonetheless, the food was still very good and plentiful. Plus, I liked being greeted each morning by the friendly lady who works there.

If I remember correctly, the breakfast buffet costs somewhere between 15-20 euro, per breakfast. Not too bad. If you’re like me and get down to eat towards the end of the service time, it’s very convenient for a quick meal, before heading out to explore the city. As I’ve mentioned, there are other places close by the hotel to eat, I’m not sure which one’s serve breakfast but there were some cafe type set-ups not too far away.

Now, Atempo restaurant at dinner. As you can see from my blurry iPhone photo above, was completely empty one of the nights that I ate there. The second night, there were two other tables occupied. This is a shame, because the food is awesome. I’m not sure why the restaurant wasn’t busy, maybe people just aren’t aware of its placement in the back of a hotel, but I loved eating here. Atempo is a sort of a theme restaurant with 1920s inspiration.

The best roast beef that I’ve ever eaten was at this restaurant. I ordered it twice, it was that damn good, in my opinion. On the menu, it is, roast beef with “Aligot au comte” and balsamic spring onions. I liked to pair that with my champagne and focaccia bread with garlic confit, fresh herbs, and Arbequina olive oil. Fantastic meal.


Overall, I really liked my stay at The Mirror. The room was very clean and kept so each day, despite my own best efforts to untidy it. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are nice dining options inside the hotel and the surrounding area. Plus, the location is a great launching point to get anywhere in the city without it taking too much time. This hotel is a great little option for those looking for something that isn’t too expensive but still a step above the average hotel room.




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