$297 Round Trip to Barcelona Booked…Now to Plan a Trip

So, this morning I decided to book a new trip on a whim while considering Caribbean vacations to hit up within the next month. As of now, it looks as though using my Chase Rewards points to head to Aruba or Grand Cayman are on hold. However, in lieu of that I grabbed a deal from Aer Lingus for $297 on round trip airfare to Barcelona flying out of Newark and coming back through NYC. Outstanding, right? The only problem is that I have to now plan out 7 days worth of trip…and if I’m flying all that way, I’m going to have to venture somewhere else other than Barcelona also.

I figure that I’m going to spend about three days in Barcelona before moving on to somewhere else in Europe. Thoughts are in my head about potentially traveling to Ibiza or Mallorca, in order to get a beach vacation in since I was planning on going to the Caribbean, even if I’m still going there in the FallSeeing as how I am leaving on May 1, I should probably get this all figured out.

If I don’t go to either of the islands, then, I am strongly considering flying over to Rome as my second city on this trip or somewhere in Italy…

I’m great at planning.

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