Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza Deluxe Silver Room Review

Being on the island of Ibiza during the first week of May, I feel as though I didn’t get to experience the full offerings of this beautiful Mediterranean outpost. Of course, the tourist season had just begun and the Hard Rock itself had only been open for a few weeks before my arrival. Most of the night clubs it seems, won’t have their mega opening parties until the start of June. Nevertheless, while I didn’t get to exactly party like a motherfucker, I did get to experience the startling wonder of Ibiza’s scenery. Even from my hotel room balcony, located right on Playa d’en Bossa.

playa d'en bossa hard rock

I booked a room at the Hard Rock through the Chase Rewards portal using points, so I didn’t actually have to shell out any cash for a place to sleep. Fantastic. I opted to go with the Silver Deluxe Room, which was the cheapest option, but still very nice and had a lovely view from the balcony. With that being said, the prices I saw for the rooms at the hotel weren’t too bad, right around $150 a night (for the type of room I had) and if booked through the official website, discounts were readily available.

deluxe silver room

Let me first just get something out of the way that annoyed me about the hotel (and myself for that matter). Now, this is my fault for not checking this out beforehand, but check-in time wasn’t until 3 PM. I arrived at the hotel at roughly 11:15 AM. This sucked. Of course, I could leave my luggage with the hotel and go out and explore BUT I hadn’t slept at all the previous night (Friday) in Barcelona and so I desperately wanted to pass out. I hung around the hotel until my room was available, went to the pool for a bit, and then fell asleep around 6 PM annddddd promptly missed all of the Saturday night bar/club scene.


Again, not the hotel’s fault for me not recognizing the late check-in time and my brain is a complete piece of shit that won’t turn off when needed, and just go to sleep…but yeah, my first day there was a complete bust. Waking up at two in the morning before dozing off again at around four, what a crazy night.

HRH Ibiza

Anyways, the room itself as you can see from the pictures, was actually quite nice. I actually think that I booked the ‘single use’ room and so it was scaled back a bit in terms of size. Whatever, I had all that I needed, and enough space to roll around on the two twin beds that were pushed together like some horny 1950s sitcom couple’s sleeping quarters during a fuck night.

silver deluxe beds

My favorite aspect of the room (aside from the balcony) had to be the purple lighting that you could turn on to produce a neon glow. I’m always weirdly drawn to neon lights in the darkness, have no clue why, but I love it.

neon lights playa d'en bossa


The room itself was fairly narrow and elongated. There wasn’t much space between the foot of the bed and the wall which held the flat screen TV. Again, not something that’s a problem, just something that I noticed. The one thing that I really didn’t like in the room, was the floor. Whenever I had my shoes on, it squeaked against the soles. I have hardwood flooring in my apartment and it doesn’t make any noise aside from the shoe hitting the ground, but in this room it was a loud squeak with each and every step. Quickly, putting on my shoes became the absolute last thing that I did each time when I needed to leave my room.

Sleep wise, the mattress was of medium firmness, not a stiff board and had enough support for me and my bad lower back. The pillows in the room were decent but my head did tend to sink a bit too much for my liking. However, when you didn’t sleep for 30+ hours prior to arriving, none of that really matters.

vanity mirror hrh


The bathroom area is segmented into three distinct parts. As the picture above shows, the mirror and sink is in the middle, and flanked on either side by the toilet and the shower. Both of those are enclosed in their own separate compartment.



I didn’t take a picture of the shower (forgot) but it is a kind of large walk in shower with no bathtub (in this room, at least). The shower can be switched from raining down straight above you to the personal shower wand. I didn’t use any of the shampoo or lotion that comes with the room. Its scent was Sweet Grass, which I didn’t find appealing. Funny enough, the best smelling body wash/shampoo from the three hotels I stayed at in Spain, was at the Barcelona Airport Hotel…the only bottles I took home with me.

Hard rock Ibiza


The music theme is of course pretty heavy in the Hard Rock Hotel. One of the neat things they offer is having your own personal playlist during your stay. The Sound of Your Stay, allows you to access your own curated music playlist, in your room or elsewhere by linking it to your iPod. I honestly never listened to my list but logged in to see what it was briefly…so, maybe I missed out on some good tunes.

Eden Pool

Now, let us talk about the rest of the property. Obviously, staying on an island we are going to want access to the beach as well as some swimming pools to lounge around by. The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is located right on Playa d’en Bossa. Just head out of the back of the hotel and you’re basically right there. I didn’t spend too much time on the beach, as the Mediterranean was still pretty cold in early May. However, there are plenty of lounge chairs and day beds to choose from, right in front of the sea, complete with full drink and food service.

The blues of the sea are phenomenal. I was just sort of in awe of the color palette provided my surroundings while standing in the sea. Then, there are the rock formation islands that dot the coastline, and add yet another element of beauty to this place.

I spent most of my time at the pool, the larger circular pool, and not the Eden Pool that is featured first when walking out of the main building. This larger pool feature the Splash Bar, a stage for performances, as well as seats that are in the water itself. The pool is where most of the parties seem to go down. However, there weren’t any during my three day visit. I was pretty bummed that I didn’t arrive on a Friday so that I could hit up the Children of the 80s party that happens once a week on that day. I got to Ibiza wayyyyy too early in the season 🙁

Dining at the Hard Rock

The Splash Pool bar has some fantastic options for drinks. I had quite a few specialty Mojitos during my visit and they were excellent. A burger and fries also hit the spot. It’s a quick and easy option for lunch or drinks while you’re sitting by the pool.

I didn’t eat at Tatel, which just recently opened up. It looked to be much too expensive for my tastes and since I was by myself, I wasn’t to eager to eat alone in a more upscale establishment. I did eat at the downstairs sports bar, the 3rd Half, and for some inexplicable reason ordered barbecue ribs while in Spain…I’ll stick to proper southern US BBQ from now on.

The Beach Club had a very nice atmosphere, an outdoor patio looking out onto the beach. I had the roasted lamb, which was pretty good and a tasty Greek salad. I don’t know if this is a thing in Europe but at multiple restaurants during my trip, I would have essentially the whole staff coming over to serve me at different times in the meal, while there weren’t many other customers. This just got weird and kind of confused my order while at the Beach Club. One waiter is enough.

My favorite place to eat at the Hard Rock had to be Sessions. It’s only open for breakfast but it is a huge buffet of assorted breakfast foods and is actually really good. I would throw down a huge meal each morning at Sessions and not really be hungry at all until later in the evening. My room didn’t come with breakfast included but I think it cost about 18-20 euros to eat there each day. Fair enough, because I absolutely crushed food and champagne.


Overall Impressions of the Hard Rock Ibiza

I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel. The staff was friendly, spoke English well, and was on top of any questions that I might have had. I would gladly stay here again, at some point. I wish I had gotten to see more of the island and gotten here a month or so later when everything really starts to pop off. However, it was a nice break from my hectic running around from place to place in Barcelona. Ibiza is gorgeous and the Hard Rock Hotel is a great place to stay.

playa den bossa

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