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Going All In Versus Slow and Steady

I started getting back into weight lifting probably in September or October of last year but didn’t really start to buckle down until November. During those first few months, I really changed nothing about my diet and did cardio pretty sporadically, as I was simply trying to make working out a routine…something which I didn’t even have to think about doing.

Three days a week lifting, became four, and then five. Every once in a while cardio grew to five days a week as well. It’s no wonder that the past few weeks have seen the most gains. Even with a bum shoulder, lifts such as the seated dumbbell shoulder press have increased 15 lbs, others have gone up 20-25 lbs since I started back again. It’s crazy that while I’m on a cut my strength has improved so much.

Diet wise, I really didn’t do shit until mid-November, which is when I began tracking my meals with the “My Net Diary” app. It can be a great tool to have, except for the fact that it reminds me that I fell behind on my target and that I would need to cut dramatically in order to catch back up.

So, I tried.  I might not be able to cut calories that much but I could certainly manipulate my carbohydrates and shed fat really fast. 3 days low carb followed by 1 day carb refeed. Easy enough? Fucks no.  During those initial 3 day my calories grew steadily from 2200 on day one to over 3000 on Day 3.  No matter how much I eat the low carb days aren’t sustainable, it makes me miserable and hungry.

Trying to force it, ain’t gonna work. Yesterday, I ate turkey sandwiches, ramen, protein shakes, eggs, and turkey bacon. Along with my workout this set me up for a 6-10 lb reduction in a month, which is where I feasibly should be. I just want everything to happen now.  It gets frustrating looking in the mirror and seeing an unfinished sculpture, all the detail which lurks below a layer of fat. How certain muscle groups are already defined and have been developed (from previous lifting experience) while the stomach slowly melts away. Also, the fact that I have created a monetary interest in getting this done doesn’t help with my impatience…have I mentioned I hate going to work?

However, I need to heed the lesson that I have already learned. Ease my way into the changes, instead of an abrupt shock to the system. This should become a part of you and your lifestyle, not some sentence imposed on it and turn into a battle of will versus hunger. So, yeah I eat ramen, and am still getting cut…slowly (2-2.5 months, I reckon), 190 grams of carbs is sustainable for me, probably a bit lower. Cut more out week by week and make this reduction act as a chisel to chip away the excess and leave behind the finished product. Just kidding, there is no finish. Just one goal transferring into another. Vertical jump training and dunking next, bitches?

Adieu, adieu. I gotta go to work.