The Hawaii Travel Vlog

So, I finally finished editing my first vlog for my YouTube channel. This episode deals with my trip to Hawaii and the exploration of the island of Oahu. As I wrote in my post about how to grow a successful vlog channel, I wanted to pursue this myself, and finally got around to finishing this […]

Waimea Valley Waterfall Walk in Oahu Video

Here is the full walk through video of the park at Waimea Valley in Oahu, Hawaii. The sound file got messed up because the GoPro Karma Grip adapter got damaged and started to vibrate loudly in the footage. So, I just cut the sound, and now it is simply a silent film. Yet, the park […]

Waikiki Beach Walk Around Video

Looking back, I should have walked the entire length of Waikiki Beach, down to the hotel on the far end. However, I had just check into my hotel after 14+ hours of flying and probably wasn’t in my normal waking mind. As such, this video is a walk around the Fort Derussy park area of […]

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