Citi American Airlines Platinum Select 60,000 Miles Bonus Received

So, this is the fourth credit card sign up bonus that I’ve unlocked in the past two years. I received my 60,000 mile sign up bonus from the Citi American Airlines Platinum select card in about six weeks of use. I just pile all of my holiday shopping, rent, food, travel, etc. on to this […]

How I Used My Chase Sapphire Reserve 100,000 Point Bonus

So, last week when I booked a flight through Aer Lingus to Barcelona for the tidy sum of $297, I had absolutely no idea how much this excursion would cost me further. Shit, did I just commit to just over a week in Europe without even considering funding…why, yes. Not that the cost was really […]

Approved! 100,000 Bonus Point Offer for Chase Sapphire Reserve

It was time for me to find a new credit card sign up bonus, as I plan on closing my Capital One Venture Card account as soon as I pay off my bill for the next cycle. My 40,000 bonus miles eventually ballooned into over 60,000 which I used to fund my flight and hotel […]

Using Amex Premier Rewards Gold 50,000 Bonus Points

So, I unexpectedly used most of my 50,000 point sign up bonus from the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. I was in the process of planning some sort of winter getaway (and I probably will still go somewhere soon), when there was a family decision to take a vacation to the US Virgin Islands […]

Capital One Venture Card 40,000 Mile Bonus Offer Review

As I have just finished writing about the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, I figured that I would also post about my experience with the Capital One Venture Card, as sort of a review on this travel rewards credit card. I signed up for it before I moved late last year and decided to […]

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