Ignite CBD Oil Drops Review

I’ve already done a review of the Ignite CBD Vape Pens, on this site before, and so at least some of this post will be a re-hash. It’s the same product, after all, just in a different form. However, I figured that I’d share my thoughts and experiences, with the Blood Orange flavored Ignite CBD […]

Steel Supplements Charged-AF Review

It’s been more than a few years since I’ve used any sort of pre-workout powder before heading to the gym. But way back then, I did try out multiple brands’ products, and none of them were ‘bad’ but they did have a varying level of effectiveness. So, when I got a free sample of Charged-AF […]

Ignite CBD Vape Pen Review

I’ve followed Dan Bilzerian on Instagram for a while now, so, I’ve obviously seen a bunch of his stuff about his Ignite company. On Black Friday, they were running a special on the CBD Oil Vape Pens, and I figured that I’d try them out. Got me with the marketing bombardment, I suppose. I purchased […]

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