How Much Money Can You Make From a Travel Blog?

When people first get into a particular online niche, they almost universally want to know, how much cash can they make in it? The travel blogging sphere is no different, in this regard. Folks want to set up a website post pictures of their journeys across the world and see the money start rolling in. […]

Kindle Publishing: Start Self-Publishing and Get Paid

So, I wrote pretty generally about writing and selling Kindle ebooks through Amazon’s self publishing platform, as a way to make money online while travelling in this post. Today, I want to get more specific into being a Kindle author, and how to go about getting started. Also, I want to talk about whether self-publishing […]

Royal Dutch Shell: A Case Study in Investing During Bust Cycles

The oil market began to tank during the second half of 2014, around the same time that I actually had money to begin investing somewhat seriously. Obviously, I had missed the rock bottom prices of the 2008-09 crash, so finding dirt cheap (based on valuation) stocks to buy wasn’t necessarily an easy proposition. Sure, prices […]

Updating Old Blog Posts for Better SEO Rank

I have several older websites under my belt, that I still do update with new posts on a regular basis. Consistently creating fresh content does seem to be part of the key to cracking the SEO code. When I update regularly, not only do I receive more traffic to my newly minted posts, but also […]

Do Hashtags Get More Views on IGTV?

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to be experimenting with Instagram TV, and trying to figure out what it’s all about. I think that I’m kind of in a perfect position to see what works, as my account doesn’t have all that many followers, so I won’t be getting any views […]

Instagram TV (IGTV) for Travel Videos and Vlogging

The clever folks over at Instagram have released a new feature/platform to their app, Instagram TV (IGTV). This is quite a bit different from IG Stories, in that creators can now upload longer videos, but it is still also in its infancy and it’s not exactly clear how the platform will play out. However, I […]

500 Error in Google Search Console for WordPress

One of the websites that I own and have been building for five years now, got absolutely smacked down by Google search. In Google Search Console (Webmasters Tools), I’m told that my web pages pretty much all have a 500 code internal server error. Que?  Imagine: having over 1100 visitors per day on your WordPress […]

Increase Conversions with Adwords Bid Targeting by Device

Continuing my writings on making money online and using online advertising to increase retail sales, I wanted to take a look at another simple trick that I’ve used to generate more conversions. This involves targeted bidding on Google Adwords, specifically through the type of electronic device that is being used by the potential customer. Certain […]

Be Ruthless with Your Adwords Keyword Search Terms

Now that the month of March is just about over, I can begin to travel freely again. I got dismissed from jury duty a week or so ago and will be leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday. So, expect some more travel posts and YouTube videos coming up. However, I do want to continue my writings […]

YouTube Travel Vlogging: How to Grow a Channel

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about how I want to proceed with YouTube content creation as of late. With more than a few trips on the docket over the next six months, I want to take advantage of these experiences, and translate them into a vlog type format. I’ve been really looking into […]

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