Should You HODL Litecoin?

Holding on for Dear Life became a big meme in the crypto space. Along with ‘to the moon’, HODL was especially prevalent on boards when discussing Litecoin. When the markets hit extreme highs and lows, people panic or get euphoric. They wonder whether they should continue to HODL, or bail out to preserve either massive […]

Will Litecoin Ever Hit $1000 Per Coin?

When we hit the extremes in the cryptocurrency market, people’s minds go into overdrive, about what the future value of their coins will be. When things bottom out, people wonder if it’ll go lower. They panic, that they missed their opportunity to sell. When the market enters a bull run up, they start dreaming about […]

Cloudy Day in Central Park in Photos

On my last day visiting New York City, I made a mad dash to fit in as many sights and sounds of Manhattan as I could, in a single afternoon. It became clear to me, that marching all around the island wasn’t a possibility, unless I wanted to have a completely superficial encounter with the […]

GoPro Hero 7 Black Review

This page is going to serve as my running review of the GoPro Hero 7 Black camera. I will update and add more detail, as I gain more experience in using it. I’ve noticed how many reviews are just the initial unboxing and impressions using the camera. So, let’s explore the different features and issues […]

How to Start a WordPress Blog with HostGator

One of the most common ways to get started trying to make an income online or to promote your brand or whatever else, is by starting a blog. Blogging has been around for long time, and yes, it can still be a worthwhile venture for folks to pursue. Lots of newbies, begin with a free […]

Ignite CBD Oil Drops Review

I’ve already done a review of the Ignite CBD Vape Pens, on this site before, and so at least some of this post will be a re-hash. It’s the same product, after all, just in a different form. However, I figured that I’d share my thoughts and experiences, with the Blood Orange flavored Ignite CBD […]

Las Vegas Travel Guide for First Timers

Over the past 2+ years, I’ve been to Las Vegas, probably 5 or 6 times. It’s served both as a main destination and also as a stopover for my journeys exploring the western continental US, as well as, Hawaii. As such, I’ve stayed at a bunch of hotels on the Strip, seen the sights, ventured […]

Increase WordPress Blog Traffic 80% in Search

As long as people have been starting blogs, seemingly too, they have been searching for ways to increase their website traffic through search engines like Google. What’s great about blogging nowadays is, how easy it has become to set up through applications like WordPress. However, whether you have a brand new or older WordPress site, […]

How to Be a Travel (Or Any Kind of) Blogger: Starting and Making Money

Right off the bat, I’m just going to tell you that, this is going to be a really long post. I want this to be sort of a comprehensive writing on this topic and not just a grouping of vague tips on how to write about traveling ‘professionally’. I’m going to get into generating income, […]

Steel Supplements Charged-AF Review

It’s been more than a few years since I’ve used any sort of pre-workout powder before heading to the gym. But way back then, I did try out multiple brands’ products, and none of them were ‘bad’ but they did have a varying level of effectiveness. So, when I got a free sample of Charged-AF […]

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