LA to Tokyo Flight Booked for $398

You’ve gotta love the savings you can find during the holidays. Sure, some of the deals that airlines and travel companies trot out, really aren’t that fantastic or even out of the ordinary. However, there are times when you can score a cheap deal, to a spot that you’ve always wanted to visit…which is what happened for me. Singapore Airlines offered a flight from LAX to Tokyo’s Narita Airport, starting at $398.

The crux of the offer was that you had to sign up (or sign in to your account) for Singapore Airlines’ free frequent flyer program, log-in to your account, use their Black Friday promo code, and then you would be prompted with the offer to fly to either Tokyo from LAX or to Hong Kong from San Francisco. I think that Hong Kong flight offer was about $470, which is still damn good.

I wanted to get to Tokyo as soon as possible, so I booked the trip for January 18-24, which was the first week of availability. The total for a standard economy seat was $398.78 round trip, and yes, this is a direct flight. This is roughly $100 more than what I paid to fly to Barcelona, with a long ass stop over in Dublin, earlier this year.

Now, I ended up paying $90 extra for an upgrade to a premium economy seat with more leg room on the flight to Tokyo. That is the longer of the two flights by over an hour and I retained the standard seat on the way back to the US. I’m tall and desperately need the extra space. So, my total was $488. Even so, that is still less than the $550 flight to Hawaii that I was going to book, but waited too long for.

All told, I should have about 5 actual days in the city to explore. I also might book a few days in Southern California before I leave for Tokyo, but I’ll figure that out later. Lots of planning needs to be done and the travel booking might not be done yet. There could be a Lake Tahoe trip or alternatively Cancun coming up in a few weeks. Plus, there is also a sub-$400 flight offer to Greece floating out there. This bonanza may just be getting started.

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